In order to create new values using information and communication technology (ICT), it is necessary to convert phenomena and the environment around us into usable data on the internet by measurement.

We at the Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute have the mission to realize such measurement by using electromagnetic waves. The Institute conducts research on a vast range of subjects that covers the atomic level to the scale of interplanetary space. We focus on visualizing the measured data to gain a good understanding of real phenomena. We also focus on making the results available to society.

The research required has two aspects. One is research on making appropriate use of electromagnetic waves by fully understanding the characteristics of the electromagnetic waves themselves. The other is the scientific study of the subjects to be measured.

In collaboration with engineering and scientific researchers at our institute, I would like to realize the creation of new values by using electromagnetic wave.

Kazumasa Taira

Director General

Kazumasa Taira

Kazumasa Taira received a Ph.D. in electronic engineering in 1991. Since joining Communications Research Laboratory (current NICT) in 1991, he has been engaged in the research on radio wave propagation and link budget estimation in mobile communications, and electromagnetic compatibility. He worked for the Telecommunications Advancement Organizations of Japan from 2000, worked for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications from 2005, came back to the NICT in 2008.